Welcome to Origin, my front-end development starter kit. Origin is one part automated build tasks and one part baseline pattern library.

About this project

Like the Web itself this project is forever a work in progress. I’ve decided to make Origin public for those interested. Origin it not a final solution, framework, or boilerplate I expect others to use “as is”.

From time to time Origin will include experimental and far from optimal build tasks. You may prefer a less bespoke workflow like Yeoman or a CSS framework like Inuit.css without my preferences.

Learn more about Origin

Getting started reminder…

  1. Prerequisites: Git, Node
  2. Create a new project repo with git init
  3. Add default remote if required (see: GitHub Help — Create A Repo for example)
  4. Add and fetch Origin as a remote repository:
    git remote add -f dbushell-Origin git@github.com:dbushell/dbushell-Origin.git
  5. Merge Origin into the new project:
    git merge dbushell-Origin/master
  6. Run npm install to install Node dependencies
  7. Run grunt to build this website to ./build/

Use grunt watch to rebuild HTML and CSS when files are edited.

Use http-server -p 8080 ./build for local testing.